League of Legends

League of Legends

MOBA game with lots of heroes

Team up with four other "Summoners" and use the combined skills of your heroes to defeat the other team and destroy the opposing Inhibitor. Perform the attack that kills to gain gold from creeps, buy items, and gain experience to evolve your hero.

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game. It is similar to DotA (the famous Warcraft 3 custom map), however besides the core design, a large part of the game is different. It is currently the most played game of this genre and has won numerous awards.

When first entering the game you will be asked if you are new to the genre. If you say yes, then you will have to complete a tutorial. The tutorial does explain all the basic elements with good detail. After you're done with the tutorial, you can choose to join a game versus other people, join a co-op game against the computer, or you can watch other live matches.

When you join a game, you have to choose a champion. There are almost 100 champions at the moment, and more are being added every now and then. Each champion has different abilities and they are very well balanced. Every champion also has 4 active skills, 1 passive and 2 custom spells. The point of the game is to defeat the enemy by destroying its main building which is centered in the middle of their base, on the opposite side of the map. To do this you must gain levels, become stronger with items and in many coordinated attacks defeat the enemy champions to weaken them in order to safely destroy their base.

The gameplay mechanics are good, you don't have the option to deny last hits on creeps like in other similar games, and there is also a the tall grass feature. When inside the tall grass you are under the fog of war to anyone outside the grass, and you can really use this to dodge incoming ganks by enemy champions.

The graphics are good, but they seem a bit outdated and the sound effects are great. Overall, I can't really complain about anything but the graphics. League of Legends is a solid game with a lot of content.

Dennis Niels
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  • Good matchmaking system
  • A great variety of heroes
  • Balanced gameplay


  • Outdated graphics
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